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Fuel Surcharge

Effective MBFSC FSC
1/1/19 $0.33 13.6%
2/1/19 $0.29 10.8%

CNYK has issued freight tariff CNYK–01131-19 covering Grain and Related Commodities, with an effective date January 1, 2018. This tariff replaces CNYK-01131-18.

The Central New York Railroad (CNYK) operates 123 miles of railroad between Binghamton, NY and Port Jervis, NY. CNYK began operation of this line on December 31, 2004. The line is leased from Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS).

CNYK operates local freight service on this line. The New York Susquehanna & Western Railway (NYSW) operates overhead trains from Binghamton to Port Jervis. CNYK and NYSW are both subsidiaries of the Delaware Otsego Corporation.

CNYK interchanges with the NS at Binghamton, NY, with the NYSW at Binghamton, NY, and with the Stourbridge Railroad at Lackawaxen, PA.


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